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Fight Choreography and
Professional Tactical Consulting

With over three decades of combined military, martial arts, and law enforcement professional experience, Master Keith English will show you how to make your action scenes exciting and believable. Whether it is the most exquisite martial arts moves ever seen on film, the most down and dirty street fighting dust-up, or the most genuine and professional police and military tactics, Tactical Martial Arts is your go-to source for keeping the action real.

We provide military liaison work and expert training for: police tactics, military combatives and tactics, staged combat, and a wide variety of martial arts.
Why can we say that?
Because we train the professionals who need the actual skills.

Whether filming a production movie, a television series or special, or simply want to learn more about how they do it “in the Real World”, Tactical Martial Arts is your one-stop source and Master Keith English is your professional combatives consultant if you are looking for the real deal.

At Tactical Martial Arts, we know the moves that will make your action jump off the screen.

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Tactical Martial Arts Academy has served the Richmond, VA and surrounding areas for many years. We Have over 60 years of martial arts training and are one of the only true mixed martial arts studios in the area. We teach Women's Self-Defense, Tae-Kwon-Do, Combat Hapkido, Professional Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and Police Defensive Tactics. We are the only martial arts studio that is certified to teach Police Officers through the International Police Defensive Tactics Institute. We are also the only studio that teaches FREE Women's Self-Defense at area locations around the State. Learn More

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Kickboxing Students

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Over the next several months we will be posting videos of our instructors and students demonstrating Combat Hapkido, Kickboxing, and Self Defense techniques to our TMA YouTube Channel. Check back regularly or subscribe for updates.

Practical Realistic Self Defense

Combat Hapkido

Combat Hapkido is an extremely realistic and versatile discipline of self protection that includes an extensive variety of joint locks, kicks, strikes, take downs, pressure points, ground grappling, disarming techniques and the use of selected weapons. The result is a comprehensive Self Defense system enjoyable to learn, safe to practice and most of all totally effective. ...more