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Police Defensive Tactics

We already know that the dangers are increasing for police. Terrorism has already changed the face of Law Enforcement forever. Confrontations are increasing and officer safety is a greater concern than ever. Now that Mixed Martial arts are extremely popular the dangers for police have tripled. Now officers are facing individuals who train 3 to 4 days a week to take people to the ground. Police see reviews once a year. Police officers need to train more than once a year for future attacks and keep their skills up to date in order to remain comfortable on the street. It’s your life we are talking about. Combat Hapkido is the future of law enforcement. Combat Hapkido is the only fully rounded program that even includes knife and firearm disarms. Tactical Martial Arts Academy trains Police officers the 5 second rule. The officer needs to be on top and be in a position of dominance in 5 seconds. Then, the officer can be more fully aware of his constantly changing surroundings and possibly escape to there vehicle if necessary. When you are on the ground you are not aware of your surroundings you are subject to attack from all sides by multiple attackers. In addition, the subject you are on the ground with can hold on and prevent you from escaping while receiving help from friends. Remember, you are in their neighborhood and you have a weapon to protect. Tactical Martial Arts will give police officers expert training on defending themselves from tackles to the ground, weapon attacks, joint locks for easy handcuffing, weapon retention and a lot more of other training that will restore your confidence on the street. We will give you a home to practice and master the skills you have learned in conjunction with some Combat Hapkido survival skills.

Never before has a martial arts studio been more dedicated to police and their training. In addition, we will give every officer that signs up a free uniform and free kickboxing classes! Tactical Martial Arts will review and even retrain officers on DCJS tactics. We will also teach and review training that departments want their officers to know. In short, we will give officers a place to train on a regular basis day or night. Tactical Martial arts is the only dojo Certified by the International Police Defensive Tactics Institute to train Police these live saving techniques. Visit the International Police Defensive Tactics Institute for more information!